A Digital Hub
for M&A process

UnijaHUB is a digital hub between companies that are up for sale and potential investors. The M&A process through UnijaHUB is efficient, fast, transparent and professionally managed.

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Why Choose UnijaHub?


Professional Consulting

Our international team of advisers offers local knowledge in all areas of business. With our support, your business goals will be effectively achieved.


Modern Technology

By using and integrating modern digital solutions into a unique portal, and with the involvement of our partners, we present the IT revolution in the field of M&A process.


International Presence

With more than 1000 customers in 14 countries, UnijaHub is part of the Unija Group's extensive business network. We work with local and international financial institutions and investors.



All Users of the UnijaHUB platform must go through a process of identification and agreement on non-disclosure, which ensures a high degree of transparency and discretion when using the platform.


Top 7 Steps to Selling Your Business


Preparing a Company For Sale

An entrepreneur's decision to sell their company is only the first step in the complex process of selling a business.

Preparation of Documentation

In the second phase, we focus on preparing the documentation for the quality and efficient presentation of the company to potential buyers and investors.

Analysis of Potential Buyers

The goal of the analysis is to identify potential investors and buyers of a company.

Documentation Presentation

Before presenting any information about our company, a non-disclosure agreement with the interested party has to be signed.


Before embarking on the negotiation process, it is crucial that we successfully present the company and provide all concrete and tangible information in the information memorandum.

Completion of the Transaction

In the final phase of the sale of a company, the acquirer performs a careful inspection of the company.

Integration of the Acquirer into the Company

The process of integrating a buyer into a company begins during the sales process in practice, however, decisively only after the transaction has been completed.

International Presence

UnijaHUB brings together investors and companies throughout the CEE region. A well-connected network of Unija business units in the markets of the former Yugoslavia, our years of experience and a thorough knowledge of current local legislation provide a reliable, safe and efficient environment.

We are present in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary.

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