General Terms of Use of the HUB Online Platform

1 General


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The terms and conditions of use of the UnijaHub online platform represent the legal framework and agreement between the User (a natural or legal person using the UnijaHUB service) and the Provider (UnijaHUB). When a User accesses or otherwise uses the UnijaHUB Platform, he or she is bound by the terms of these Terms of Use and the rules that this Policy enforces. To the extent that the User does not agree to the terms of use of the UnijaHUB online platform, he or she cannot fully use it. The trademark UnijaHUB, the UnijaHUB website and the UnijaHUB online platform are the property of Unija Consulting, svetovanje d.o.o., Registration number: 8148813000, Tax number: SI 77479513, hereinafter referred to as the Provider.

2. Users and content of the service

The UnijaHUB platform provides digital buying services and the sale of companies. The Services are accessible at and are intended for all Users who access the Internet and accept the terms of use of the UnijaHUB Platform and undertake to use the Services in accordance with the applicable law, moral and ethical principles of these Terms of use prepared and accepted by the Provider.

The UnijaHUB Web Platform must be used in accordance with its purpose and functionality. The User undertakes to abide by the rules of cultural and civilized online conduct and dialogue when using the Platform. Through his or her activity on the Platform, he or she will not interfere with the rights of the Provider and other Users of the platform, thereby causing them harm, discomfort, insulting them or otherwise disturbing their normal use of the Platform.

The UnijaHUB platform enables the Users to buy or sell companies or activities. The Users can enter their company information on the platform and create an ad for other Users. Before any information is disclosed, the Users must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to persons not directly related to the transaction. An agreement is signed for each transaction (ID) individually.

3. Registration

Before using all the features of the platform, the User must complete the registration. Registration of the User is done via an entry mask on the platform where the User enters the required information. The User agrees to use and provide only true and credible information. Each User may have only one User account on the UnijaHUB platform. The User first registers on the platform, where he or she enters his or her personal information in the fields (personal data is protected in accordance with our Privacy policy). At the second stage of registration, a short video verification of the registration is performed for the User, through which the Provider finally confirms the User profile of the User. Only after the video verification is completed can the User use all the functionalities of the platform.

There are three levels of User access to the website or access to the information published on the website:

  1. Non-Registration Access - enables access to certain general content and presentations on the Website.
  2. Registration Access - enables access to restricted content and information regarding published ads.
  3. Registration and video verification access - enables the submission of tenders and ads and the conclusion of non-disclosure agreements and contracts - enables full use of the functionality of the UnijaHUB platform.

4. Listing and Content of Ads - Sales

Sales ads for companies or for sales activities are created by the Users directly on the platform. On the UnijaHUB platform the Users may submit a request for the posting of an ad for the sale of a business or a company, which is published by the Provider on the basis of a contract concluded with the Provider. The Provider sends the Contract for signature to the User during the process of entering the data for the preparation of the sales ad. An ad may not be published until the contract between the Provider and the User has been concluded. The ad must comply with the required information on the UnijaHUB platform entry masks. Some of the information on ad listings is drawn directly from public databases and therefore cannot be manually modified.

The UnijaHUB Platform has the discretion to refuse to post a User's ad if it deems it inappropriate for posting. Not only does the Provider have the exclusive right to decide whether or not to publish the User's ad, but also to determine the manner or method of publication. The Provider is not obliged to inform or explain its decision not to publish a specific ad of the User. At its sole discretion, the Provider may shorten or transform the User's ad in any way. The Provider does not guarantee the duration of the ad, its storage and its backup copies. The Provider is not obliged to return to the User his or her ad.

Rules for posting ads on the UnijaHUB Platform:

  1. The ad must be written in the language in which the User uses the platform - languages available are (Slovenian, English, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian).
  2. The ad must be written clearly, truthfully, up-to-date, the content must reflect the true state of affairs.
  3. It is forbidden to enter misleading, harmful and inappropriate ads. Ads that violate intellectual property rights or any other applicable legislation are prohibited.
  4. An ad for a single transaction can only be published on the platform once, duplication of the same ad is prohibited.
  5. The platform is intended for the sale and purchase of business and companies only; it is forbidden to place ads related to the sale of any other materials or services.
  6. The content of the ad must refer to the individual company only and may not contain information about several separate, unrelated legal entities.
  7. The contact information must be true and up-to-date.
  8. The User / seller may enter only an ad and an offer to sell the company to which he or she has the relevant rights in the share of the company, which gives him / her the opportunity to dispose of the share which is the subject of the sale.
  9. The User may not post an ad for any third party or publish the contact information of a third party without his / her permission.

The formula for the content of the ad published on the UnijaHUB platform is determined by the Provider. The Provider may delete the content or some of the content of the ad that violates these Terms of Use, the applicable law, or general principles of ethics and morale. The condition for the publication of the ad is the signing of a special contract between the Ad and the Provider, which covers the rights and duties of the User and the Provider regarding the ad for sale of a company or business. The Provider reserves the right to change instructions, prospectuses and other materials. The price list for the services of the website is accepted by the management of the Provider and is an integral part of the contract for the sale of the business / company concluded by the User and the Provider for each transaction separately.

5. Allowed Use and Review of Ads - Purchase

The features and services of the UnijaHUB Platform are available to Users only on the basis of and in accordance with these Terms of Use, except in case of the express written permission of the Provider. Any unauthorized transfer of content from the portal, copying and distribution of ads, inclusion on another site and the like is strictly prohibited.

If the website is used contrary to the provisions of these Terms of Use, the Provider may temporarily deny the User access to the platform, and if violations are repeated, the Provider may permanently delete all User data and delete the User profile. The Provider may also delete the ads submitted by the User during the process of offer registration. Deletion of the data terminates the User's status as a registered User, as well as any associated rights. The Provider may prevent such a User from participating on the Platform again.

Review of ads and further activity of the Users who wish to continue transactions according to the viewed ads is possible only when the User performs a video verification, which is confirmed by the Provider on the platform. Video verification is performed directly on the platform, as part of a conference video call, where a person, authorized by the Provider, verifies the identity of the User. The identity is shown with a valid ID or passport. The video verification process is performed in real time and does not create files that the Provider would keep in the archive.

The documentation and various materials displayed on the UnijaHUB platform may be downloaded from the network by the Users for their personal use, wherein it is prohibited to modify copyright notices, other intellectual property rights notices or other rights notices. Loading and printing of information and materials for viewing and reading for non-commercial purposes is permitted. Other copying, distribution, republication, modification of information and materials on the UnijaHUB or sending by post and in any other way without the prior written permission of the Provider is prohibited.

The User agrees not to take any of the following actions:

  1. Posting or advertising of any content that is contrary to the applicable law and to these Terms of Use.,
  2. Any tampering with or attempting to interfere with the software and / or the source code of the service for the purpose or consequence of changing the terms of service; in particular to enable the use of the service from another website or to gain access to information about third parties.
  3. Use the third party's personal data without his or her consent.
  4. Publishing of untrue, illegal, harmful, misleading, controversial, morally inappropriate or offensive content.
  5. Use the service for commercial, illegal or any other purpose than those specified in these terms of use, e.g. in particular the publication of ads that thematically do not belong on the UnijaHUB platform.
  6. Distribute copyrighted content or content owned by another legal or natural person.
  7. Use the computer codes, malware or anything that may interfere with, disable or impair this service, the Service Provider and its software and hardware and telecommunications devices or electronic communications network.
  8. Use of threats, degrading, humiliating or offensive means of expression in communication and expression that could violate the personal rights of third parties.
  9. Any attempt to obtain, collect, destroy, modify and / or store the personal data of other Users and the data entered by those Users for the purpose of using the service.

6. Intellectual property rights

The contents of the UnijaHUB platform are copyrighted as individual creations or as databases. UnijaHUB trademark protection includes data, texts, multimedia and other. Any interference with the software, as well as HTML, java and flash source code of the platform is also prohibited. Copyrighted content may only be used for private purposes, unless a particular use is prohibited by these terms, or a specific written consent from the Provider is obtained.

By entering ads and sales documents into the UnijaHUB platform web interface, the User transfers to the Provider the material copyrights on all entered content, namely only those which are necessary for the purpose of publishing on the UnijaHUB platform and in all other media of the Provider and its affiliates within the meaning of 527 Article of ZGD-1. The transfer is non-exclusive and unlimited in time and territorially.

The rights are revoked when the User deletes the ad himself. The User warrants to the Provider under the material and criminal responsibility that he / she has at his /her disposal all the material published on the UnijaHUB platform with the corresponding material copyrights and undertakes to compensate the Provider for any damage that would result from breach of this obligation. The proprietor of the UnijaHUB brand is the Provider and the User may not use the UnijaHUB brand in any form whatsoever and for any purpose, unless the use is expressly permitted by these Terms of Use or the applicable law.

7. Liability limit

The Provider guarantees high quality of use of the UnijaHUB online platform. The guarantee covers the technical aspects of the smooth use of the platform, as well as the substantive relevance of the materials, texts, and other materials on the platform. The Provider guarantees that the platform will not contain illegal and controversial elements, Trojans and similar scripts that could damage the network infrastructure. Nevertheless, the UnijaHUB service is as it is and is without any guarantee of operation.

The operation of the Platform and Limitation of Liability regarding the operation:

  1. UnijaHUB assumes no responsibility for the content, accessibility, operation and integrity of the UnijaHUB Platform.
  2. The Provider assumes no responsibility for any potential damage that may occur to the User due to the inability to use the UnijaHUB platform, due to trust in the content of the UnijaHUB platform service, due to data loss or for other reasons related to the operation and accessibility of the UnijaHUB platform.
  3. The Provider assumes no responsibility for the loss of content and content motives resulting from misuse, technical inadequacy of the computer and ignorance or clumsiness of the User.
  4. The Service Provider cannot guarantee the operation of the service in the event of failure of the contractual partner network, power outages or other technical disruptions that could temporarily disrupt the operation of the UnijaHUB Platform.
  5. The Provider reserves the right to suspend the provision of the UnijaHUB platform at any time, for any reason and for any period, without prior notice, if it deems it necessary.

The limitation of liability in these Terms of use is subject to compliance with applicable law. In the event of non-compliance, such limitation of liability shall apply to the extent as it is permitted by applicable law. The UnijaHUB Service Provider reserves the right to, at any time and for any reason, limit or suspend the operation of the UnijaHUB Platform if it deems necessary.

8. Change in terms of use

The Provider reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time if it deems it necessary. The modified Terms of Use are effective from the moment they are posted on the website and are applicable to the individual User upon his / her acceptance of these new Terms.

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